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485236_28358507.jpgHi to my 9/11 friends,
This is still such a painful day for so many. I vowed on that terrible day eleven years ago that I would be a speck of light no matter how dark the world may become. I still vow to be that light even as my role changes over time. The hardest thing to accept about 9/11 is that we're still losing people as a result of that day. So very sad!
I am training to do trauma recovery work with horses, keeping the website up, and working on a film about my dad and what happened to him when he went through a Sky Help Trauma Recovery Workshop in 2004.
All of you inspire me to keep believing in and being a part of the light for goodness sake.
Thank you and may God bless each and all of you!
With love and gratitude,
Susan Howland