Sky Help Services & Programs

Although we are not currently offering these programs (listed below), please contact us if you would like assistance starting similar programs and services. 

Sky Help offers Trauma Recovery and Compassion Fatigue workshops, ongoing peer support, outreach, and referrals to individuals and family members suffering from or at risk for developing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Compassion Fatigue.  Since 1998, we have provided 2, 3 and 4-day intensive educational and therapeutic workshops for 6-12 individuals.  Returning veterans and their families are particularly vulnerable to stress and trauma related reactions. Peer outreach and support is essential.

Founder, Susan Howland, is a Nationally Board Certified Counselor.  Ms. Howland has spent the last 10+ years training in the most effective interventions for severe stress reactions including, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Thought Field Therapy, CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management), and Bessel Van der Kolk’s intensive training in trauma symptoms and effective treatment options.  She has participated in various 3-5 day trauma recovery group experiences worldwide.   

Sky Help Trauma Recovery Workshops are a relaxed and expanded form of Critical Incident Stress Management and Debriefing with added educational and experiential components. Workshops are held in a relaxing seaside home-like atmosphere. Participants share their experiences in a non-judgmental, supportive peer environment. Upon completion, participants are equipped with knowledge and skills to work through their own stress reactions and are able to support others experiencing similar forms of job-related and personal stress.

Methods used in workshops include: Take-home workbooks with educational materials and resources, experiential group and individual processing of events, films, optional individual consultations with a Trauma Specialist and optional massage therapy.  Relaxation techniques, humor and unstructured leisure time all enhance the experience and bonding of each group.  At the end of each workshop participants share contact information for ongoing phone and website support, updates and peer driven activities.  

Services/Benefits/Assistance Provided

We are listed on the World Trade Center Health Registry in New York City as a service provider and with the New Jersey Self Help Group Clearinghouse for peer support group services.  Sky Help maintains an up-to-date and constantly evolving interactive website and a toll-free number (1-877-SKY-HELP).

Workshops are conducted at several locations in Westchester County, NY and on Long Beach Island, NJ.  Participants have come from several different states, most in the NY/NJ metro areas.  Each workshop model is described below.

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