“…The program you have put together at Sky Help had allowed us (helpers of the helpers) to come together and share our experiences in a caring and supportive forum.  This has reinforced why we do what we do and how to take care of ourselves, to lessen the effects of compassion fatigue and secondary trauma…”

Robert B. C.S.W (participant in the Trauma Intervention Workshop)


“…Everyone attending had opportunity not only to share their experiences, but also to receive validation of their commitment to their very significant calling…bringing those suffering from vicarious traumatization together is, in our opinion, the most important type of validation…”

Jim C., former Special Agent with the FBI (participant in the Trauma Intervention Workshop)


“…That week of therapy with its seminars, EMDR treatments, massages and fellowship reawakened a possibility of healing that I thought was long gone.  My mind is now open to receive healing.  I now have hope…” 

Ron V (assisted at Ground Zero for ten months)


“…Looking back now…the whole week seems as if it was orchestrated…note by note…by God.”

Shari S. (LBI workshop – group 8- children’s oncology nurse)


“You know…this IS where our strength is…in our ability to be resilient…”

Shari S. (LBI workshop – group 8 – children’s oncology nurse)


“…it’s 12:17am on Wednesday, 11/11/09…Veterans’ Day and I wanted to be the first to say to you…”Thank you for all your hard work, kindness, thoughtfulness and deep caring for every single veteran out there that you helped, since day one, with Sky Help, Inc…”

Charlie K. (Vietnam War Veteran, at Ground Zero for 10 months)


“..I feel that I can handle any emergency that comes in front of me with a cool head, a steady hand and complete calmness to tackle any situation at hand…”

Charlie K. (Vietnam War Veteran, at Ground Zero for 10 months)


“…I honestly believe that I achieved in three and a half days with Sky Help as much if not more than I would in three to five years of counseling.  Such is the depth, magnitude and effectiveness of this vital program…”

Sean C. (at Ground Zero 19 months)


“…Having spent nineteen months at Ground Zero, I know countless hundreds whose lives could be transformed by the inspired work that Sky Help provides….”

Sean C. (at Ground Zero 19 months)


“…Sky Help has the potential to be as effective in the realm of recovery from devastating trauma as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has been in its remarkable work with alcoholics…”

Sean C. (at Ground Zero 19 months)


“…As a wife of a rescue worker, I felt as if I should not complain…My pain and trauma were stuffed away never to bother anyone…The workshop…gave me a place to discuss the horror of what had happened around me…and a wonderful support group to help each other through the rough times…”

Brenda K. (wife of a 9/11 responder)


“…After my husband returned from participating in a Sky Help workshop, the difference was so obvious.  He had a group to connect with; to share the struggle.  I was surprised about his improved attitude.  I wanted some of what he had…”

Brenda K. (wife of a 9/11 responder)


“…Initially I was reluctant to expose my pain.  I did not want to go to a traditional therapist.  I was grateful to learn that as a wife of a rescue worker, I was invited to attend a Sky Help workshop…”

Brenda K. (wife of a 9/11 responder)


“…the Sky Help weekend…provided relief and support at a most crucial time in our recovery from the problems and stresses of running our organization.  It also provided me with the needed insight to view the work we do with a renewed enthusiasm and humility…”

Eugene M. L.C.S.W POPPA Inc.


“…I was able to wean myself off the anti-anxiety medication because of a new “acceptance” of what had happened to me personally and also to other countless tens of thousands…”

Diane R. (FBI employee in New York City)