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Welcome to Susan's Corner

Posted by joe@joemcgarvey.com on February 1, 2011

susan_corner.jpgOne of my personal fascinations is collecting small rocks.  I always liked to look for shells and sea glass whenever I happened to be walking on a beach; now I find pottery shards and what appear to be carved stones.   I first experienced this while “mucking” (picking up horse manure with a pitchfork), in a field.  I looked down and found several Indian arrowheads in a period of ten minutes.  After that I started looking in other places and doing research at the local library.

Here’s where it gets a little weird.  I found an out of print book written by another “rock head” in the 1950’s.  He gave examples of stones carved by Indians with animals, maps and profiles of Indians carved into fairly small stones.  I have been collecting these stones for the last seven years and have accumulated quite a collection amounting to well over 2,000.   I even found a prehistoric mortar in my back yard in New Jersey!  My friends and family tease me and I find that children like them.  I call some “story stones”. 

I plan to paint the images I see in the rocks and stones that I find.  Searching for these images soothes and fascinates me, much like looking up into the clouds for pictures and forms.  Is what I see similar to what everyone sees and why do I find this process so calming?  I think that what happens may be a phenomenon of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  When I’m scanning the clouds or ground, the eye movement is similar to EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).  This takes me out of the closed in, locked up, muddled feelings I often find in my body and my brain.  I have found that snorkeling in St. John, USVI achieves the same results.  As an added bonus, I often come away with old pottery from the Dutch plantations found near the shore or walking the beach.  I have even found old Taino Indian pottery.


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